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Oil Change Waterford MI

For a substantial number of people, their automobile is most likely their second most expensive possession after their house. For the vast majority of car owners, it is at least one of their most expensive possessions. So it is in your interest to make sure your car has a long life. Maintenance is important. It makes your car far less likely to break down, and you less likely to become stranded. A car in good condition will also have a higher resale value, lightening the load on your wallet when you come to the decision to buy a new car. Spending a few dollars on maintenance is far better than having to spend a lot on repair. One of the most basic, inexpensive, and well-known types of maintenance is a periodic oil change. It is also one of the most necessary. If you are near the Waterford area, you will not find a better deal on an oil change than at Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care.
Over time, the consistent heat and impact that the oil is exposed to causes it to gradually break down. The rapid movement also causes dirt and debris to get caught in it, gradually turning it into a sludge. When that happens, its lubricative properties are greatly reduced. If you fail to replace the old oil, it can cause overheating, and damage the parts. In the most disastrous case, it can cause the engine to seize, which generally is non-repairable. Most likely, it will result in replacement. If the car is exceptionally old, the cost of an engine may be more than the car is worth.

When your car needs new oil, there are many advantages to bringing it in to Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care. Generally, when you pay for an oil change, you get an oil change. However, if you bring it to us, you will get much more. You get a free 27 point inspection with your oil change. We will perform other tasks such as
●    Lubing your doors
●    Inspecting your lighting
●    Check and adjust tire pressure

Our business may be small, and locally owned, but the range of cars we can service is virtually universal. We are qualified to work on all makes and models, even the European cars. 

In addition to our outstanding staff, we also have the most up-to-date equipment. It enables us to be the most thorough in our work, while also being very timely and efficient. Your wait time will be very reasonable. We will have you back on the road before you know it.

Our company also has what we call a “Backbreaker Special” for those who want something more specific. If you bring in your own oil, and/or filter, your oil change will cost $10. So, you will get exactly what you want in your engine, and not have to “break your back” performing the labor.

Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care gives you all these extra services for a reason. Every customer we get, we aim to keep. We have been building a base of returning customers, because our service makes them the happiest. And we would love to add you to that list of satisfied, loyal clientele. Our staff is as friendly as it is capable. And our reviews speak for themselves. Our company has been serving the Waterford region since 1999. Bring your car in and let us help you keep it on the road for years to come. Call us for an appointment or visit our contact page today.

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