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Brake Repair Waterford MI

Most auto repair can be classified in one of two categories. Emergency, and non-emergency. Many things do not render the car immediately dangerous to drive, but should be taken care of at your earliest convenience. Brake repair absolutely does not fall into that category. Brakes have one job, and arguably the most important job of all. They are responsible for stopping your car when needed. Driving a car with malfunctioning brakes is a road to disaster; an accident waiting to happen much sooner than later. Should your brakes not be working properly, it immediately puts your car in a status of being unsafe to drive. If this happens anywhere near the area of Waterford, you should immediately have it brought in to Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care.

When brakes are no longer working optimally, there are fortunately several signs. If you are experiencing any one or more of these, you should contact us immediately.
●    A squealing noise that takes place specifically when you are applying the brakes.
●    The car pulling to one side or the other specifically when the brakes are applied.
●    If you are experiencing a grinding or bumping noise or sensation when stopping the vehicle. This is a sign of a brake pad that has completely worn out.
●    If the brake pedal is sinking lower than normal to the floor when pushed.

Our company truly cares about your safety. That is why we offer free unconditional brake inspections. If you suspect your brakes may be due for a replacement, or you are experiencing one of the above signs, you can have your brakes inspected here for free at any time, and it is not conditional on you making a purchase of any other auto repair product or service. Our staff will thoroughly inspect your brakes, and if we believe that they are in need of replacement, adjustment, or repair, we will recommend the needed measures to you at that time.

At Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care, we believe in honest service. We will never sell you any product or service that we do not truly believe that you need. When we recommend a brake repair or replacement, we always show you your old parts, and if the problem can be better demonstrated when your car is on the hoist, we are willing to take you into the shop area to point it out to you.

Our company is able to service all makes and models of vehicles. From cars to trucks, vans to SUVs, whether they are foreign or domestic, we have more than what it takes to do any type of brake repair. Our capable technicians work together with the best diagnostic and repair equipment available. When it comes to parts, we use only the most reliable brake components, to ensure a safe, even, reliable stop that will keep you, your passengers, and other motorists on the road safe from harm. We can do something as minor as replacing your brake pads, as well as the most complex and involved forms of service. Our qualifications include, but are not limited to
●    Correction of ABS bleed
●    Diagnose and adjust anti-lock brakes
●    Traction control
●    Fix the AccuStop system

Also, when replacing your brake lines, we never skimp on the needed parts. We never splice or section the lines, but always use an entire line.

Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care is your leading one-stop shop for brake repair in the Waterford area. Please give us a call or use our contact page to set up an appointment.

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