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Auto Repair Waterford MI

Auto repair is something that all car owners will have to face, sooner or later. It is never a pleasant thing to have to go through. You lose both time and money. So when you are going to need it, why not bring it to an auto repair shop that is the most effective at diagnosing the problem, and then fixing it correctly and efficiently the first time? It will minimize your losses, and reduce the need for it in the future. If you live near, or are passing through the Waterford area, the place to call is Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care.

Our company’s capable staff is able to serve all makes and models of vehicles. From American to Japanese to European, from classic to new, we will know how to diagnose and fix your problem. And, if it is a fixable problem, from bumper to bumper, it can be fixed here. If you are in need of engine repair, it does not matter if your engine is new or used, we can fix it. We perform all types of auto repair, including, but not limited to

●    Transmission repair
●    Rebuilding of shafts – axle and drive
●    Sun and moon roofs
●    Engine repair
●    Minor and major brake repair
●    Stock and custom exhausts
●    Tire repair
●    Leaks and noises
●    Tire pressure monitors
●    Electronic and non-electronic suspension systems
●    Radiator repair
●    Muffler repair
●    Air conditioning and heating

If you are in need of a service that is not listed here, do not hesitate to contact us and ask. We will most likely be able to do it.

At Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care, we stand behind the quality of our work with our warranties. Even though we are an individually owned shop, we are part of the federated nationwide warranty program. Should anything go wrong, it will be covered.

Another way to reduce the need for auto repair is, of course, proper maintenance of your vehicle. Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care also provides impeccable prevention services. Look into our oil change service, you will get a complete 27-point inspection of your vehicle. If there is a potential problem, our staff will spot it immediately using our most advanced diagnostic equipment before it becomes a larger problem leaving you stranded on the road.

For your convenience, Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care also has a night drop box. If you are in need of auto repair, you can drop your car off outside our shop 24 hours a day, if it is not fit within your schedule to do it during business hours.
You are guaranteed complete honesty when you bring your vehicle in for auto repair. We are aware above all that if we lose the trust of a client, the business relationship is doomed. You will never be sold anything you do not need.

We take pride in being able to call ourselves a one-stop shop when it comes to auto repair. Also, no matter how large or small the job is, you will get the same courtesy, attention, and effort on our part. Because we can do it so efficiently, we are able to keep our costs down. The job will be done right the first time, with minimal impact to your wallet. In other words, if you choose us, we guarantee that you will get more than what you paid for. Since 1999, we have brought the Waterford area reliable, consistent service. Call us or visit our contact page to arrange an appointment.

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