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Pontiac’s history is deeply entrenched in the auto industry. Though the Pontiac auto manufacturer may be gone, the city is very much alive. The residents still love their automobiles. And Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care loves to help the people of Pontiac care for them. Whether your car needs maintenance or repair, we will satisfy your needs. We use the best diagnostic equipment, and carry the finest, most approachable workers around town. Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care is proud to continue serving the residents of Pontiac.

After Oakland County was purchased from France in the early 19th century, European settlers began exploring the area for ideal places to build a community. Moving north from Detroit, after a few discouraging missions, they found a desirable spot just east of the center of the new county. The new settlement had strong backing to get off to a running start, with the Pontiac Company of Detroit buying the original land. The management of the Pontiac Company formed a partnership with another business to fund the development of the area. Just two short years later, though it was not yet even an incorporated city or village, the community was named the county seat, and the city of Pontiac remains so to this day.

With the use of the Clinton River, and its ideal location in the county, Pontiac’s economy expanded. Like many cities and townships, milling, in this case wool and grist, served as the original backbone of commerce. 

After the turn of the 20th century, the automobile became firmly entrenched as the leading industry in Metro Detroit, and eventually Michigan. Pontiac, already possessing an atmosphere friendly to business, became a leading city of manufacturing in the greater Detroit area. GMC vehicles were built at the Pontiac East Assembly plant and also at Fisher Body. However, the largest assembly plant was the Pontiac Motor Division, which built the brand of its namesake, Pontiac automobiles. Established in 1926, it served as a working man’s alternative to the more expensive and also now defunct Oakland Division of General Motors. The Pontiac brand would flourish for many more decades until the difficulties of the auto industry in Michigan in the 2000s would eventually end with its demise. However, plenty of them can still be seen on the roads today, and if you are an owner, bringing it to Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care will enable you to keep it going much longer.

Being at the north end of Woodward Avenue, Pontiac is a participating city in the renowned Woodward Dream Cruise, which takes place in the middle of every August. People come from around the country to bring their classics, hot-rods, special interest vehicles, muscle cars, and exceptional quality models of any type. It is the largest single-day automotive event in the world.

Pontiac’s national attractions do not stop there. The Realm of Darkness and Erebus are two haunted houses that are visited by people all over the country. The former has been awarded the top haunted house in the country in multiple years.

The city has a prominent entertainment district. The center of the city contains an array of popular nightclubs, bars, as well as a variety of restaurants. It was, for many years, the host of another event that attracted people from around the country – the Arts, Beats, and Eats Festival, which in recent years has been moved to Royal Oak. And of course, from 1975-2002, the city hosted the Detroit Lions’ home games in the Silverdome, until the move to Ford Field in Detroit.

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