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Living in the middle of a bustling county, Keego Harbor residents know how crucial it is to have reliable transportation. To and from work, school, shopping, taking a recreational trip, or anywhere you need to go, it always helps to know that your automobile will get you there and back, every single day. Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care knows this better than anyone. To keep you coming back to us, we guarantee you the highest quality of repair and maintenance around the area.

The small, but very densely populated town of Keego Harbor is located near to the very center of Oakland County. The word “Keego” is thought to be a translation to the phrase “big fish” in a Native American language. The second half of its name is somewhat of a misnomer, as there is not a true harbor in the city, however it is buttressed against Cass Lake, which is the largest in Oakland County. This tightly packed community traces its origins back to the turn of the 20th century, when a lawyer named Joseph Sawyer bought the land that the entire city rests on as an investment. When he purchased the property, he originally planned to develop it into a resort. While the land ended up becoming a city instead of a resort, the recreational factors associated with being in or nearby Keego Harbor make it a wonderful place to live. The city received its official charter in 1955, and never looked back. Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care is proud to serve the people of Keego Harbor and the surrounding region of Oakland County.

Keego Harbor is a suburb who has within its proximity an ideal mixture of city and nature. Residents have very quick access to Cass Lake, which has boaters, swimmers, jet skiers, and fishermen out on it every single weather permitting day. Another popular lake for recreation that is nearby to Keego Harbor is Orchard Lake, located in West Bloomfield Township. It is a 795 acre lake which contains a 35 acre island right in the middle. Apple Island, formerly the home of an orchard started by European settlers, is now a protect sanctuary for wildlife. Orchard Lake is known for its natural beauty, as well as the striking properties and homes that line the lake. 

Another benefit of living in the middle of Oakland County is that Keego Harbor residents have a relatively short driving distance to all the major entertainment complexes in the vicinity. The DTE Energy Music Theater, Meadowbrook, Freedom Hill, and the Palace of Auburn Hills are all within a half hour drive from Keego Harbor. In addition to Orchard and Cass Lake, there are many others that the residents can reach quickly for a day of recreation and relaxation. 

Residents of Keego Harbor pride themselves on their sense of community. Despite their small area, they do not shy away from hosting city events. Their biggest and most well-known event of the year is unquestionably their Big Fish Festival. This takes place annually, for one weekend every summer. It consists of dancing, basketball games, speaking engagements, food, and an exhibition of classic cars. The exhibit is a testament to the importance of the automotive industry in this region, Metro Detroit’s main export, which Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care helps to repair and maintain, when the need arises. The main winter event is the Annual Skate Night, which goes without saying is geared towards skating, along with a few other supplemental attractions.

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