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Commerce Charter Township is located in southwestern Oakland County. Its winding roads wrap around numerous lakes, which make for pleasant scenery for a nice drive. The drive is made even nicer with a reliable, smooth running, well maintained vehicle. Though Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care is a small, family owned business, our reputation and clientele stretch out to towns like Commerce Township. We are happy to serve the residents’ auto repair needs since 1999, and will continue to do so for years to come.

In the first part of the 19th century, long before the advent of the automobile, this beautiful township first established roots through the industry of milling. Commerce Township had heavily wooded areas which attracted lumberjacks all over the newly budding county. In addition, the open areas of rolling hills made the area highly suitable for farming. Combined with the lakes located within the township, it was an ideal place to set up sawmills along with grist mills to process lumber and grain.

Though the economy in Commerce Charter Township and Oakland County has greatly reconfigured, the township is proud of its history and seeks to keep remnants of old and long-standing establishments. Though drive-ins are far scarcer than they used to be, and though the Commerce Drive-In has long been shut down, the advertising sign still remains. Though it shows its age, it is an endearing sight to the residents.

The site of the original mill of the township, the Commerce Roller Mill, is now a city park. Located in the Historical Commerce Village, it had once been the center of the local agricultural sector. During the development of the township, the residents diverted the Huron River to power the mill. In 1984, the park was declared a state historical site. Today, the eight acre park accommodates nature watchers, picnickers, hikers, and joggers.

While lumbering is no longer a mainstay in this township, agriculture still has a firm place here in the form of family owned farms. Milling is also no longer a main industry, but still has a small foothold here with the existence of a few cider mills. The area is primarily residential, though they do have a retail district, and also several restaurants and service companies, many of them individually owned like Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care. Creamy Freeze is a mom and pop ice cream shop that is revered and highly recommended by the residents to anyone visiting or passing through the town.

With its landscape, unsurprisingly, Commerce Township is home to golf courses such as Edgewood, Union Lake, and Beacon Hill. The town is also known as part of the lakes area, because you will be unable to drive too far in any direction within the borders without passing one. The lakes provide a multitude of boating sites and fishing spots. The most known of these is the Proud Lake Recreational Area, a state park which is heralded as a great camping spot, as well as swimming, hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Because of its natural beauty and friendly, small town atmosphere, Commerce Township has a good retention rate for residents. Many people who grew up here, or moved here, tend to want to stay in this area for a long time. This is not unlike the clientele who choose Leonard and Sons Complete Car Care. We give them a good experience every time they are in need of our services, and it shows in our rate of return clients.

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